Monetize your sphere of influence. Become a KLUB Ambassador.

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The Ambassador Opportunities

As a KLUB Ambassador, you get multiple opportunities to make money.

Get 30% Discount

Buy Shopper’s KLUB products for a flat 30% OFF (Wholesale) and sell it at a price that you like. No questions asked.

Affiliate Commissions

Promote Shopper’s KLUB products as an Affiliate and get 20% commission on every Sales.

Provide Shopper’s KLUB Personal Shopping Services and keep 80% of the Fees Charged.

Sell KLUB Academy’s (Coming Soon) courses and get 30% Commission as an Affiliate

Personal Shopping Service

Sell Online Courses

Sell KLUB Network’s (Coming Soon) Annual Membership and get 20% Commission as an Affiliate.

Refer us for any of KLUB Services (Coming Soon) and get 10% Referral Fee.

Sell Membership

Refer & Earn


How Do I Join?

To become a KLUB Ambassador, you will have to go through the below qualifying process. There are various qualification criteria – the key is the attitude to win, the willingness to learn and the ability to follow guidelines to implement strategies. Your success is our success.


Simply fill the form & apply to become a KLUB Ambassador


One of our team members will interview & qualify you.


If you’re qualified, you start as a KLUB Ambassador after training.


Qualification Criteria

Connectors . Key Differentiators . Positive Change Agents.

KLUB Ambassadors are Social Media Enthusiasts. They are Multi-tasking Super Moms. They are Motivated Students, Experienced Seniors and Stay at Home Entrepreneurs.

They are Connectors, Key Differentiators and Positive Change Agents. They keep customers close to their heart. They are gainfully engaged. They are the real Winners who make things happen. They are KLUB Ambassadors.

  • Age - 18+
  • Language - English + Local
  • Active on Social Media
  • Investment Capacity – Basic
  • Ability to Make Things Happen
  • Customer Service at Heart
  • Ready to Implement Strategies
  • Passion to Learn

Role of Ambassadors

KLUB Ambassadors have different roles for the various products or services that they are promoting.



  • Learn & implement marketing strategies
  • Maintain minimum inventory
  • Promote on Social Media, Blogs & Events
  • Identify & manage your retail customers
  • Become an influencer and help people make informed decisions.
  • Participate in Facebook Group, KLUB Network discussions etc.
  • Identify group purchase opportunities
  • Provide the best customer support to your customers
  • Keep uptodate with the latest trends in the marketplace
  • Work with Shopper’s KLUB team to facilitate the shipping & custom clearance for your client’s shipped items
  • Participate in Facebook Group, KLUB Network discussions etc.
  • Keep track of purchases, deliveries and invoices
  • Provide the best customer support to your customers
  • Learn & implement marketing strategies
  • Promote the service on Social Media, Blogs & Events
  • Invoice and collect money from customers
  • Identify & manage your customers
  • Promote the Personal Shopping Service

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